Sunday, 16 October 2011

The Horror Hotel Cinema : The Gorgon (1964)

Tonights show is a rare treat, from the Hammer House of Horror, straight to your homes...

It's not a particularly well known work in the pantheon of classics. In fact, its actually one of the studios less revered works and its often overlooked even by fans of its genius director, the late great Terrence Fisher. Poor fools...

My relationship with THE GORGON is a long and strange one, that features psychedelic drugs, late night terrors, bad trips and 'coming of age' nonsense that I like to think is on a par with STAND BY ME, (its not). You can read about all that mess in my review of the movie, right here. So I wont waste your time babbling about my less than illustrious past just before the show starts.

In case you decide not to read the review, heres a few key words that should get you salivating at the thought of this one. For me, 'Terrance Fisher' and 'Hammer' are enough to get me giddy, but what the hell, heres a few more....

Christopher Lee
Peter Cushing
Barbara Shelley
James Bernard
Matte Paintings
Spooky castle

That should do it. Enjoy the show.....


  1. A classic! Okay, I'm darkening the room. I'm in the mood.

  2. You'll love it! :)
    Sorry its in so many bits, and there's a little overlap when you transition the vid's. But its worth it. I LOVE this film.
    Enjoy, honey :) x