Saturday, 26 March 2011

Absolutely brilliant homage to the Universal Classic Monsters!

If, like me, you grow up loving the black and white universal classics from the horrors cinematic golden age; this should put a smile on your face. Legendary make-up maestro and head of KNB Effects, Greg Nicotero, has directed his own little ode to all things classic monster, bringing the much loved creatures of lore back to life.

Great to see the much loved 'Creature' onscreen again, not to mention, 'THE THING FROM ANOTHER WORLD, droppin by from the 50's sci-fi horror era. Some familiar faces also crop up in this bad boy. I personally spotted Jeffrey Combs and Eli Roth, among others. Simply awesome!


THE UNITED MONSTER TALENT AGENCY - Greg Nicotero by davehouseofhorrors

Tuesday, 22 March 2011

I bid you...Velcome.

Hi all. I'll be using this little corner of the internet to dive deep into one of my few constant passions. Yup, you guessed it...HORROR!

I'll be writing reviews and essays on all things in the horror genre, from reviewing the classics, old and new; to giving my own personal insights into why horror is so beloved and has such a loyal fanbase. I'll also be reviewing novels and short stories with in the genre, and when and where I have experience, I'll even delve into horror gaming as well.

I'm sort of known among my friends and family as something of a horror geek. And I'm always being asked for advice on whats worth seeking out, whats to be avoided, and oftentimes what may have slipped under the radar of the common film fan. Here, I'll make sure to review the more obscure gems out there alongside the works that shaped the genre.
And I'll come face to face with much of the absolute bullshit, (I'm looking at YOU, Nightmare on Elm Street 2010) that sullies our genre, so you don't have to. In these cases, think of me as something of a hero. Selflessly sacrificing precious hours of my existence in the hope that your time can be spent that little bit wiser.

You can go visit grandpa, (he aint got long), take the dog for a nice walk, take some time for prayer or have sex with your best friends sister. Live a little, for gods sake!

Where and when a movie being reviewed is well known to me, the review will cover personal ground, What the film means to me, my history with the movie. I'll experiment with the format, for shits and giggles...

Don't expect consise reviews though.

I'm not a critic, I'm a fan. Im the sort of guy who, even at 35 years young, still gets a rush of excitement every time I discover an old derilict cottage while wandering in the woods. I'm the sort of guy who could'nt give two shits about christmas, but gets giddy as a schoolkid when Allhallow's Eve comes a-knockin. I'm the sort of guy who judges a first date on how animated she gets when I talk about Creature From the Black Lagoon. I'm that guy..

I'll post as often as I can.

Hope you enjoy, and maybe find some films out there that are as beloved to you as many of these will be to me.

Now I must be off, I'm a busy man, and this corpse won't dispose of itself....