Monday 13 June 2011

News : World War Z to film in Glasgow, Scotland.

Know where I'm gonna be when they're filming it!

 Damn, this is great news for zombie fanatics living in Scotland! The $80 million dollar adaptation of Max Brooks' zombie masterpiece, 'WORLD WAR Z', will be filming in my home city of Glasgow this coming Autumn. This is great news for Scottish tourism too, and for any fans of what some see as the 'zombie bible', any news on WORLD WAR Z can't come soon enough. Glasgow's city centre and its famous, 'George's Square', will be doubling for Philadelphia due to the cities inherent similarities.

The book takes a very real look at the outcome of a zombie epidemic that sweeps across the world. Its written in a very unique form, as a historical document. The novel features a series of interviews with survivors of the world war that humanity is forced to commit to by the zombie hordes, in order to preserve our way of life. Collecting eye witness accounts of the events from everyone from dog handlers, to marines; the novel paints a truly vivid depiction of what mankind would be faced with should such a thing ever occur. In my opinion, its the best Zombie novel ever written, followed very closely by Brian Keene's, THE RISING'. If you haven't read them and you have a soft spot for our gut munching undead buddies, you really should think about checking them out.

The much anticipated adaptation, set for release in 2014, will be directed by Marc Foster, (FINDING NEVERLAND, MONSTERS BALL), adapted by Mathew Micheal Carnahan and J. Micheal Stratzynski, and will star Brad Pitt as Max Brooks himself, the journalist interviewing the survivors of the zombie holocaust. Bring it!!

I'll be following this very closely. Stay tuned.

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