Monday, 21 May 2012

Editorial : Twilight Zone Pinball

Everyone loves Pinball, and everyone loves THE TWILIGHT ZONE, right?

With those rather obvious facts laid out on the table, it seems that we all have ourselves a little mission to undertake. A responsibility as Sci-Fi/Horror fans to help see that a much missed Pinball table makes its way onto our consoles and back into our hearts in the near future.

Farssight Studios are looking to convert the arcade classic, (which sits proudly in the higher echelons of the 'Top 300 Pinball Machines' on 'Internet Pinball Database', and is beloved among many retro gamers and Pinball aficionados, for a variety of platforms, including PS3 Xbox 360 and I-Phone among others. As you can see from the images herein, shes a beautiful table, and deserves to be resurrected for a new generation, (and all us old geezers who miss her). Only issue is....yep, you guessed it...financing.

Critically acclaimed developers, Farsight, are looking to raise a cool $55,000 by June 17th and have so far just approached the halfway mark. If you wanna play the table as much as I do, head on over and pledge as much as you can afford, to help bring Rod Serling back into your living room.

This video explains the whole situation, and this article has links and instructions on how to donate to this fun-filled cause. Take a day off from saving the world, and save THE TWILIGHT ZONE PINBALL MACHINE!

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