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Writing Blog Hop - Kyle M. Scott

Hi all. I’ve been passed the baton – so to speak – in a Writing Blog Hop. Now, for those of you wondering what in the hell this is; it’s basically like a relay, (hence my phenomenal reference to batons – that's why I’m a writer, folks!), wherein a writer is nominated to share some info on his work, answer a few questions, and then pass the questions onto one or more of his peers. Exposure, people! Exposure!

I was tagged by my good friend and writer-in-arms, Stuart Keane – Author of The Customer is Always, and the upcoming All or Nothing. Check his work out, because 1 – I said so,  and 2 – He’s a fine writer.

Now for the part all us writers hate....talking about ourselves...

1.      What Am I Working On?

At the moment, I’m just finishing up my second draft of my full length novel, DEVILS DAY. It’s an old school throwback to the sort of horror movies and literature that fueled my adolescence, and is set in 1984 on Halloween night. It’s the tale of a town under siege by satanic forces. I can’t divulge any more than that at present as I hate spoilers. What I can tell you is that it’s an explicit hard-core horror novel with a nostalgic heart pumping blood through its veins. It’s written as a full-tilt rollercoaster ride, and should appeal to fans of monster movies and literature, character-driven thrillers and gore-hounds alike.
2.      How Does My Work Differ From Others In The Genre?

I think any writer worth his/her salt will always find something unique to bring to the table. It may not be a conscious thing, though. I don't spend much time worrying about finding my voice as I'm more interested in telling the stories I want to tell.
With many of my stories, I like to fuse elements of the classic horror I grew up loving, with the more hardcore elements found in modern horror - I often try to create recognisable, almost comfortable horror scenarios and then pull the rug out from the reader with explicitly brutal scenarios that often cross more than a few lines of decency. The melding of old and new, hopefully makes for an interesting, disorientating and shocking read. In my work scenes of whimsy or nostalgia can turn on a dime into vicious, hard hitting violence.
 Also, my background is that of a horror reviewer, (cinema and literature),  I’m a true fan. I do this because I love it. I’m writing for the fans of the genre, and for myself. That same joy that I find in telling the stories hopefully translates into a fun experience for the reader. 

3.      Why Do I Write What I Do?

As I mentioned before, Horror is my great love. I’ve lived and breathed the genre since I was a child, and it’s never left my heart in all the intervening years. I believe as a genre, it can thrill, terrify, teach and even comfort. Through many of the tumultuous periods in my life, Horror has been there. I owe the genre big-time, and after spending years reviewing and dissecting the art of others, I found myself dissatisfied. I realised that if I wanted to give something back to the genre that gave me so much, it was time I turned my hand to creating my own dark realities. I haven’t looked back and I never will. I may experiment with other genres, but Horror will always be my home. It’s either this or kick bricks in the street.

4.      How Does My Writing Process Work?

It’s evolved into a really organic thing, as time has went on. When I began, my writing day would consist of perhaps five hours of self-doubt, some pacing the floor, and a page of writing, but as time has went on and my confidence in my work has grown, I find that it’s a very natural process. 

Usually, I’ll have an idea that gets stuck in my head and needles away at me until I acquiesce. I tend to obsess over whatever I’m working on to what could be considered an unhealthy degree. I have difficulty focusing on anything other than the story in my head, and usually I’ll only work on one project at a time – give it my all, so to speak. 

I tend to allow the characters and the stories to grow and expand as I write them, and often find myself being dragged along for the ride with no idea where my creations plan to take me. It’s a fun, liberating experience that often leaves me simultaneously exhausted and exhilarated.

Once I complete my first draft, I give the novel a few weeks to breathe. I try to turn my mind from it for a spell, and then return to iron out any issues that I may have overseen, and hone the characters, pace and tone. After the second draft, I let it rest again for a few more weeks and then read as any reader would. If all’s well, its publication time. So far that's been the case so it’s happy days all around at the moment.

Okay, here endeth the questions.

For anyone interested, you can purchase my first book, CONSUMED - VOLUME 1 via the links below:

77p UKP/ $1.29 USD*Version*=1&*entries*=0 UK USA

I also wanna give a quick shout out to Author, Jack Rollins. And again, to Staurt Keane for nominating me for this here lil fun-fest.

Jack Rollins 
Stuart Keane


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