Sunday, 6 January 2013

Horror Hotel Cinema : LOVERCRAFT - FEAR OF THE UNKNOWN (2008)

First excursion of the year into the HHC, kids, and it's something of a treat for the more literary minded among you.

Few horror fans will be unfamiliar with Lovecrafts work...whether they read horror fiction, or not. His influence can be felt in many dark corners of our genre, from IN THE MOUTH OF MADNESS and HELLBOY, to Brian Yuzna's many forays into Lovecraftian terror. The man is a legend in the genre, and for those lucky enough to have braved his body of work, it comes as no wonder that he's so revered. Few writers can disquiet the soul quite as effectively as H.P Lovecraft.

For those fans among you, (and those whom are rightfully curious about the man, FEAR OF THE UNKNOWN is a pretty comprehensive look at his life, his work, his psyche and of course, his immeasurable influence. Be warned, there are a few story spoilers among the many interviews, but you can clearly see them coming if your new to his work. In truth, they really don't spoil the stories as Lovecrafts template is very well established in the minds of horror fans, whether they now it or not. It's not the destination with his tales...its the journey that counts.

Anyway, I enjoyed the hell out of this one, and it drew me back to my dusty old Lovecraft collections with renewed vigor. I hope it can do the same, or similar, for you.


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