Monday, 1 August 2011

It Came from the Desert!

As you can all see from the photo above, taken of me yesterday, being away from my beloved Hotel has taken its toll on my dashing good looks. Its been rough, man.

So, just wanna let you all know that I'll be posting much more in the coming weeks. Sorry I've been neglecting my little corner of the internet. I've been writing for SCREAM magazine and put much of my free time into that. I'd still have had time, were it not for my freakin PC deciding to self combust last week and destroying all hope of getting my shit together. But I'm back now, and The Horror Hotel is re-open for business.

Look for the promised review of TUCKER N DALE VS EVIL, tomorrow. Ive been itching to review it all week, and cant wait to get stuck in. I will say, in short, if you haven't seen it, you should. Its a hoot!

As for the SCREAM thing, my first article will appear in the late September issue, and is a little look back at the landmark moments in 'horror gaming', history. Something a bit different from my usual rants on film, and a refreshing venture. I believe the magazine is published in the UK and the States. I hope you all pick it up and I expect fanfare and hate mail in equal measure. For any gamers out there (you know who you are, you sexy things!), I'll be reviewing for the mag regularly in the gaming section, and will be looking at Horror games past and present. Which, of course, means I'll be neglecting my girl, gaining weight and losing all my friends in the pursuit of 'The Perfect Horror Game'. Should be fun. Hell, I do that sort of shit anyway.

You can check the magazine out here!

Anyway, it'll be great to rant again, and to catch up on all the noble work my fellow reviewers and horror fans put out there. But thats for tomorrow, right now my girl is asking me for 'quality time' whatever the hell that is, so I gotta run. Meet you back here tomorrow, troops. Shine on!


  1. Cool to see that your writing for a mag now... Were do you pick it up in the states?

    p.s. if you see this 1st check your email

  2. I'll have to look into it for you. Should be relativiey easy to get a hold of. Its only contribution work at the moment, but its a step in teh right direction. I love doing this shit anyway, sO i'll keep on keeping on regardless :)

  3. I wonder if Barnes & Nobel carries Scream. If so, will be on the look out for your article. Congrats!

  4. Thanks, Mariah. It should be fun seein an article in print. Im pretty pleased with it, tho I had to censor my usual cursing and hollerin :)