Monday, 22 August 2011

And the Horror Blog Award goes to.....

Hi troops.
Yesterday I hopped into the Hotel only to find that my good compadre, Dr Blood, had selected me for a Horror Blog Award. For which I am very grateful, may I add. Clearly my technique of mispelling, misqouting, and cursing like a pirate have paid off, as I always knew they would!

As this 'passing on of the baton' appears to be a time honored tradition within our awesome little community. I'd like to take the time now to pass it on to some others who richly deserve some praise, and who make my mornings and evening far more interesting with their thoughts, idea and insights into our genre. Now I'll adhere to the rules of this custom as they were passed to me by the good Doctor. So lets have at it.

1. Gratefully accept this award.

Cheers, Brohiem. I'd like to thank Jack Ketchum, H.P Lovecraft, John Carpenter, Vincent Price, Peter Cushing, Christopher Lee, Terrence Fisher, Brian Keene and the mighty Richard Laymon for this award. Couldnt have done it without you guys. Theres others but I aint got all day, and the band are beginning to play over my speech.

2. Link to the person you received it from.

Dr Blood's Video Vault. Have at it.

3. Post 3 interesting facts about yourself.
  •  Last year, I read every single Richard Laymon novel, in order, back to back. And by the end of it all, I was a thoroughly fucked up individual. But it was great fun and I'll be doing it again soon.
  •  I once became a writer and Director in Theatre by mistake. And found myself living in Manchester, England for two years as a result. It was a great time, although some serious rehab was required in the aftermath.
  • I'm going to be a Daddy in about one week. Its very hard as my girl, (and her Mother, obviously), are in America, and I won't see her for a while, but thankfully I'll be able to see her by using the net until things get better. Her name is Coral. Named for a mutual love of the ocean, shared by her Mummy and I. She's also named for Vincent Price's true love, Coral Browne, who became a U'S Citizen to share her life with him. He also killed her in THEATRE OF BLOOD, as you do.
4. Pass this award around to at least 5 blogs you dig.

This is pretty tricky, as some folks I wanna pass it onto, are already recieving it from elsewhere, (one of em gave it me. after all!), and the last thing they need is more work in their schedules. So Im gonna award it to a few deserving souls, and also give honerable mention to some sites I love, that have already recieved the award. Got it? Good.

And the Horror Blog Award goes to....

And the honorable mentions are:

Dr Blood's Video Vault (Link above)

The Uranium Cafe, (which seems to be down at the moment, sadly!) Already has the award today, and quite rightly so!

And last but not least, I couldn't award this one as that would be a bit rich, (they use my reviews after all. It'd be like sucking my own dick). But in truth, Stiles over there posts LOTS of interesting news articles. The mans a workhorse.

5. Notify them.

I'm working on it. Honestly!


  1. Congratulations on the award & thank you for honorable mention!

  2. :9 thanks kiddo. I saw youd been awarded too, and figured if I send YOU one then you have two of these damn things to fill out! :D
    Ones enough, and you know Im a huge fan anyway ;) x

  3. Thank you! :) I'm flattered that my blog made your list. Congratulations on becoming a father!

  4. Thank you for the kind words,and it does't hurt to blow yourself every once and awhile....not that I ever tried that.

    as always keep up the awesome work!

  5. Haha.Ive been tryin to blow myself for years, and as time drags on it just gets harder. Im no gymnast! :D
    I meant to pop up a link to your site STiles, Im running just now but I'll change that when I get back, my man. Keep up the great work, my friend! x

  6. Thanks a mil, Kyle! I'm seriously blushing. And congrats on becoming a daddy soon, that's very exciting!