Tuesday, 23 August 2011

The Horror Hotel meets World War Z : On the set of the new adaptation.

Just thought I'd share some cool-ass pictures I managed to take in my home city of Glasgow, during the WORLD WAR Z shoot this past week. In case your unaware, Glasgow was being used as a stand-in for Philly, and certain parts of the city were secured for chase scenes and random zombie craziness. I tried my best to get some close up pictures for you guys, and even infiltrated a derelict building to secure better pictures, (alas, I got busted and dragged out, but the workers were kind enough to pose for a picture when I told 'em I'd make em famous). What you see below is Glasgow's famous Georges Square, and the surrounding streets, being furnished as Philly, complete with SWAT vans, American cabs, Philly cop cars and some cool street signs. It was a lot of fun seeing my beloved home being 'Americanized'.

I actually secured a part in the movie but missed the opportunity. I'd went to the auditions and got no call back, but received a text message to head in for a fitting last week for one afternoons work. Unfortunately, I never got the text on time, (my phone is shit, kids), and missed the boat. To be honest though, I wasn't too upset, as I'd learnt since the audition thing that the film would be rated PG 13. Yeah, you heard me correctly....RATED PG 13.

That's a huge fucking red flag in my book, people. I've loved the novel since I first read it, and to turn it into a kid-friendly zombie film is a damned travesty. Also, as the 'interviewer', why is Brad Pitt featuring in car chases? That's not in the freaking novel!

So instead of missing the boat, I may actually have dodged a bullet. Lets hope they change the rating and give Max Brooks the adaptation his work truly deserves. I have low expectations, but I've been wrong before.

Enjoy the images, guys. Oh, and click to enlarge.

 And last but not least, my captors!


  1. This is awesome and if I didn't know better I would think you lived right down the street. Great pics! are you going to try to be a extra for the zombie scenes?

  2. Its only ten minutes on teh train from my little burb. I actually thought I was audtioning for a zombie, but they were looking for victims. Businessmen etc. After visiting the set and seeing no zombies at all, (I think those bodies in the van are just background bodies), Im starting to wonder if we're going to be looking at CGI zombies. In which case I'll be less that fucking pleased, lemme tell ya!

  3. That is so cool you live right next to the filming location! Luck you, Kyle
    Noooo on being rated PG13! MAYBE there is still hope! I'm keeping the dream alive!