Friday, 22 July 2011

News : Paranormal Activity 3 Trailer Hits...

Another Halloween approaches, and whereas for the last seven long years we've been hit with a SAW movie at the cinema's come our favourite holiday, the chalice appears to have been passed on with the parallel releases of the final SAW movie last year, and the second PARANORMAL ACTIVITY movie.

Whether the PA franchise will run as long as the SAW franchise is anyone's guess. I don't see it as having a wellspring of ideas that can run that deep, but what the hell do I know?

So here we have the first trailer for the third film, and for the second time in the past week or so, Ive broken my own rules and viewed the trailer, (I REALLY need to stop doing this sort of shit!). And now, unabashed hypocrite that I'm fated to become, I'm sharing it with you fine people. Truth be told, its another very sparse trailer, made up mainly of footage from the previous films, which suits me fine. Slap yer eyeballs on it below...

Its obvious that this one is yet another prequel, perhaps making the PA franchise the only one in horror history that tells its entire tale in reverse. MEMENTO with a demonic asshole antagonist, if you will.  I like the concept, and I like the franchise. The first film scared me half to death, and its sequel, despite taking a long time to get rolling, was actually really well made, too. Not as tense or fear inducing as the original, but pretty damn good nonetheless. The third one looks very promising.

Going back to the doomed sisters childhood, and their first encounter with the ever enigmatic demon that torments them throughout their short lives, is a very tantalising concept with a lot of potential for terror. And it looks like its been dipped in the care bucket till its covered all over. Late 80's camera quality and clothing go a long way to authenticate the whole thing, and theres something quietly epic about telling the story in this unique fashion. If they're hanging the whole film on two child actors though, they're playing with a big fucking fire, but I'd imagine we spend more time with the poor parents than the sisters. We'll have to wait and see.

Just a shame they've gave away the identity of the demon in the final shot. Who'd have guessed it was Candyman. Just kidding, that last shot is pretty fucking creepy. I'm in.


  1. I really really look forward to seeing this film :) I enjoyed the first two quite a bit :) Once again thank you for a wonderful read :)

  2. Short n sweet :)
    Glad you enjoyed.

  3. Hi thanks for the follow. I clicked on your name, but blogger doesn't list your blog. I had to google you to find your blog. Very cool blog by the way.

  4. Thanks Maria, I think I may have forgotten to link my blog to my name that time. Thanks for taking the time to have a look. Its much appreciated :)

  5. I agree the first movie was better than the second, but I believe part of the scare effect was that no one knew what to expect. It was all word of mouth. Then wham! Got you by the short straws. I love your demonic asshole antagonist statement.


  6. I slapped my eyes on the trailer, lol. Well, this one actually looks very creepy but I didn't like the first one. I just couldn't get into it, it had nothing to do with the budget. So, since I didn't like the first one, I didn't see the second one. I guess I should check out the second one!

  7. @RQ : the second one is worth a watch but if you didnt dig the first, you may wanna pass.

    @Blaze : I think ur right. The first came as a huge surprise even to those who'd been reading about it online. I had no idea it was dealing with demons. Spooky shit!