Wednesday, 10 August 2011

Art of Darkness 1 - Zoe Humphries

 I was doing my usual rounds of the interwebs the other day, when I stumled across some artwork that really impressed me, and it got me to thinking. I write articles on film and literature, but I haven't given much attention to the often great works of art that our genre inspires. From classic 'one sheets' to Tattooes, Horror is an inspiration and a muse for painters, sculptors and designers, all over the world. So, I thought to myself. 'Why not add a new concept to the Hotel?'. 'Good idea, Kyle!', answered I. 'Good work,son!' replied myself. So here we are.

As time goes on I'll take a look at Horror Artwork from all ages and through all mediums. I'll look at 'One Sheets', comic panels, Tattooes and independent art. As it was the work of this fine artist I encountered online that inspired this new section, I decided to contact her and ask for permission to display some of her portfolio. On contacting the artist, Zoe, I was greeted by a warm, intelligent and very friendly soul, who was more than happy to allow me to share her work with you guys. (I've yet to meet a true Horror fan who isn't lovely, and that says a lot about the effect Horror has on us, versus the MSM's view, but that's another story).

Zoe uses a variety of materials and techniques for her illustrative art, and she also has a real talent for make-up effects. You can visit her own site here! Where you'll find some fine examples of her make-up work. She's a gifted artist and a fine person, so don't have any qualms about picking her substantial brains, if your so inclined. For now, here a few examples of her wonderful work. Click on the images for full size, guys. Enjoy and feel free to comment. Supporting our own is one of the many traits that makes me love the FANS of Horror just as much as I love the genre itself. Enjoy...

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