Thursday, 3 November 2011

Horror Hotel Cinema : Kingdom of the Spiders (1977 )

Well, Halloween may be over and the decorations taken down, but it's ALWAYS Halloween in the Horror Hotel, and I aim to replace those plastic spiders with some real ones...

Tonight's Horror-show is, well, to be honest, a film I haven't properly seen all the way through. Anyone who read my editorial 'The Arachnaphobic Five', will know that I'm rarely able to handle movies featuring my mortal enemies. Those creepy crawly bastards and I have little love for each other, and the last thing my psyche needs is a dose of arachnid Horror.

That said, this film stars the mighty William Shatner as a cowboy, baby! That alone merits this sucker worth a watch. Not to mention the groovy soundtrack, the hot ladies in, (and out) of denim, and the enjoyable 70's vibe that rides through the whole show, (or at least what I've seen of it).

Also of note, there was a kick-up on this films release, due to the mistreatment of the spiders featured herein. These fuckers ain't CG, these are real-life, scary as hell spiders, and the production led to the horrible deaths of many of them. Apparently, spiders can't afford stunt-doubles...

For me, personally, its hard to get upset about these horrible fuckers dying, as my dream in life is the total eradication of the whole damn lot of them. For some of you, it may be unacceptable, (I find the cruelty in CANNIBAL HOLOCAUST extremely offensive and upsetting). For those in the middle, who hate the little shitheads, but aren't too scared to watch them do their thing as they invade a community...I give you..KINGDOM OF THE SPIDERS...

(Let me know if Shatner sleeps with any of them, will ya?)

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