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Interview : Zena, The Real Queen of Horror

Hello, Friendo's...

One of the most enjoyable things about working in the blog-o-sphere is the sharing of our work with fellow writers, and having the chance to discover their work for yourself. As I set about creating my own slice of online Horror, I would scour the net looking for like-minded Horror-hungry souls, who's work would inspire and inflect my own, Among the very finest of these discoveries was coming across Zena's popular little corner of the Internet, THE REAL QUEEN OF HORROR. 

The first thing I noticed was the lack of conformity. Zena is, (shock!! horror!!) a young, black woman! I know, I know....its unthinkable, but true! In a world where Horror fans are normally viewed within the cliche of morbidly overweight, spotty white 'Death Metal' fans, (thanks for that, Mainstream Media), it's always fun to see the blatantly false stereotype being shot down on sight.

Of course, Zena's contradictory appearance, while lovely, is far from her only draw. Her reviews and articles stand out from the crowd for a whole host of reasons. She has a refreshing lack of pretension for one thing, a light-hearted sense of humor, and isn't afraid to express her views via the use of a variety of media, not least being 'film'. Zena works hard to entertain as much as inform, and she does both with aplomb. her reviews are honest, funny, and have that ever-important hint of childish glee that every real Horror fan holds in their heart.

I'm proud to call Zena not only my colleague, but my friend. 

Anyway, enough of my rambling.

Ladies and Gentlemen, many of you will know her already, (and for those of you who don't, shake yourselves!), but its my pleasure today to bring you an interview with the lovely Zena, that will hopefully give you a little insight into what has made THE REAL QUEEN OF HORROR into the Internet royalty that she truly is.


Kyle : Your website has become a very popular go-to for Horror fans who look for no-nonsense, honest reviews and views on the Horror genre. It's very obvious you have a longstanding love and knowledge of the genre. How did you come to fall in love with the Horror world, and what inspired you to start your own site and share your knowledge?

Zena : I've been watching horror movies before I can remember. My Mother is a HUGE fan of horror and I'd watch whatever she watched. She'd watch horror like it was the morning news. I mean eggs, toast, and back to back horror flicks. My Father on the other hand isn't a fan of horror. He easily gets scared & isn't afraid to admit! So I believe I fell in love with horror because of my Mother. 
I was inspired to start my own site because I'm a lover of horror and a lover of web design/computers; so why not indulge in both? 

Kyle : I have to ask, what type of Horror do you find the most frightening, and what type do you find the most disturbing? and if you have one, what film scares you the most?

Zena : I can honestly say, it does take a lot to scare me. But the horror that I find the most frightening are the ones that involve demonic creatures. I don't know what it is but it slightly freaks me out. But! I still do enjoy watching it. The most disturbing ones would have to be the ones that involve vomit...I'm sorry, I'm not a fan! I know some people highly enjoy it, but I never was a fan and although my stomach can take all the gore & guts--I have yet to see the beauty & appreciation in those kind of horrors.  

Kyle : Your well known for using a variety of multimedia, including film, to review cinema, and have also produced a few short films of your own. What inspired you to work with the film medium, and what are your plans for utilising this form in the future?

Zena : I'm a huge fan of visuals, so I thought it would be cool for whoever comes across my blog to get visuals. It may not be your vision, but it's someone else's. And it's always awesome to check out other people. As for future plans, I'm hoping that my filming will be SO much better than what it is now. I'm aiming for it to be on a bigger scale because even with that, I'll still be sharing my vision with people. 

Kyle : How do you feel the Internet has affected the Horror community?

Zena : The Internet has affected the Horror community in such a positive way! For me, personally---it's very rare to come across a die hard Horror fan like myself! With the Internet, you're able to share your thoughts and opinions on something you adore with people who adore it too. And because of that, the community is growing more and more--and that right there is amazing! :)

Kyle : More and more directors/producers are turning to online releasing of their work. How do you feel this affects independent cinema, and Horror in general? 

Zena : I feel that this could be a great thing for horror fans because it's just another alternative to checking out movies. I don't really see it as a bad thing because the internet is so powerful these days. It's just another outlet for people to be critics. As far as it goes for Independent cinema, this could be a great opportunity. Nowadays, it seems like you have to know people to get your foot through the BIG door. But with your film being released online, you can let the viewers decide which sounds a bit better. So, I feel this is definitely a good thing for Horror in general

Kyle : There are a number of sponsored, professional websites that cater to the fans, yet more and more people seem to be turning to the independent reviewers for their information. 
Why do you think this is? 

Zena : I'm not entirely sure, but I would think because independent reviewers are full-on honest. 

Kyle : And how do you feel about the state of the Horror genre at present?

Zena : I know I hear a lot of people stating and complaining "Horror is dead!" I don't think it's quite dead...but if it was dead, whose to say that's a bad thing? When things get revived, they come back stronger. Anyhow. I don't feel that horror is dead, I think that it's going through a trend right now. Yeah, the trend may not be original, but all my hopes are in it. I feel like it'll bounce back. 
Kyle : What do you feel the future holds for our genre?

Zena : I'm hoping that the genre will start to be looked at in a more positive light. I recently heard that some actors/actresses do a random, maybe lame horror movie just to get in the door. I was shocked, but to each their own I suppose. I want this genre to be the genre that everyone wishes they could do correctly because it DOES take some type of talent to a do a horror; starting with the story line of course, & not some random pair of boobs!

Kyle : Its often believed by the general public that a Horror fan can be fit into a particular mould. Usually male, white, heavy metal fans or goths. Of course, as a black woman your a great example of how wrong that cliche really is. In a sense, its an image perpetrated by mainstream Horror magazines and sites. How do you feel about this? And have you came across this sort of thing in your private life?

Zena : It used to bother me that people expected me to know nothing about the movies I watched, often prejudging me as a fan of Spike Lee movies or Tyler Perry movies. Now, I feel great about it because I'm a perfect example of how you can't judge. But since most people will do it anyway, I just want them to know that they're wrong! :P I come across this kinda thing ALL the time. People are often offended that I like horror, which I really don't know why and most importantly, don't care why it bothers them so much. I came across some people who are even offended by other things that I may like or not like. It's sometimes entertaining because when I say, as an example, "I love horror movies." Their eyes go from ._. to O_O

Kyle : And lastly, what are your plans for the site, and for your movie making in the foreseeable future?

Zena : I want RQOH to continue to get more views from people. I want them to use it as a source of reviews for horror films or whatever horror delights I put up there! And as for my movie making, I want to improve in oh so many ways. I just want viewers to enjoy my vision! And even if they don't enjoy it, I'm happy that they take time out of their schedules to check out my film.   

Thanks once again, Kyle, for this awesome interview! I'm so flattered and thankful that you wanted to interview me. You're an awesome reviewer and overall awesometastical person. :}

Kyle : My pleasure, m'lady. Thanks for sharing your thoughts. It's been a real blast.

In case you guys missed the link above, you can read, view and wrap your ears around Zena's reviews and news at Have at it, friendo's!


  1. Great interview! I really enjoy her site!

    I totally understand the lack of conformity as people are truly shocked when they find out how much I love horror and dark art.


  2. Oh, Kyle! You're so awesome! Thanks for wanting to interview me! You make me seem so much cooler than I really am. :P

    And thank you, LuLu! :}

  3. @zena....thanks for taking the time. And your VERY cool, so chill, kiddo :D xxx

    @Lulu....Its a strange thing, preconception. I get the funny looks too when I tell them Im a horror writer. I can see them thining, 'wheres the studded necklace and the eye shadow? Whys this dude wearing a suit and a fedora?

    I say, off to fuck, with them ;)