Friday, 15 March 2013

Guest Review - Molly MariDawn Lampth : The Selling (2011)

Hi folks. Hotel management here.

As some of you may be aware, and many others surely are not, Ive been hard at work on creating my own horror fiction for some time now. Being the lazy bastard that I am, and never one to work any harder than is absolutely necessary, its taken up a great deal of my time, (I'm a far slower writer than most, though I like to delude myself into believing of time being a 'sacrifice on the alter of quality').

Ive recently been sending forth samples of my fictional work to all and sundry and have been very grateful to receive some very positive responses, (and no few accusations of being a demented, pervert - not least of all by my own dear mother!), and have put my own work at the forefront of all my unsavoury endeavours for the time being.

Anyway, some publishers have shown significant interest in my work, and Ive been offered a contract to produce a number of novels, with the deadline for the first being this coming June. In the tiny, precious moments of sobriety, Ive been writing, editing and sweating my ass off to get my work complete. While nothing has yet been signed by myself, the offer is on the table, but for now, my mission is to use this deadline to get my first work complete, so that should I chose to accept the contract, I'm all set to begin a fruitful and professional business partnership. This has comprised of a healthy diet of staring into space, pondering how many ways you can dissect the human body, and drinking copious amounts of scotch while wearing a smoking jacket.

I kid, though my mostly intentional alcohol problem and my constant pandering to the author stereotype has led to the Hotel becoming somewhat run-down and lacking in content. There are still some nice rooms here though - our torture chambers are second to none, and the cellar houses some very gifted 'Beasts' who will happily pleasure our guests, males and female alike - and I have brought on-board some trusted, well-mannered and able employees to help keep this thing flowing. I'll still be reviewing, and will continue my tirade against all things undeserving of the title, 'Horror', while celebrating all the wonderful things that do our genre proud, when I can. A fresh Horror Hotel Cinema piece will be going up tomorrow and I have a new section of 'True Life Horror' on the way this week for the particularly dark-hearted among you. Also, I'll drop up some less detailed, 'pocket reviews' from day to day to help inform on what I've been watching and how I felt about it.

In the meantime, my dear friend and fellow horror geek, Molly MariDawn Lampth has provided us with the first of many guest reviews, that will vary in size and style. The film she has so kindly reviewed has managed to slip past me unnoticed till now, so I myself am looking forward to checking it out. The review is short and sweet, like Molly herself, so please have a read. It sounds like fun.

Take it away, Mol....


A too-honest-for-his-own good real estate agent has to sell a haunted house before its all too real ghostly inhabitants ruin his life.

I was fortunate to watch The Selling, talk about funny campy and just plain fun for a horror film. I loved Barry Bostwicks part in the film. He was nicely convincing in his small role in this fun as horror film. They cast the movie perfectly. I had no trouble with any of this film once I took it in the right context and gave up the idea of being scared. What a lark. I love haunted houses and have many real life experiences of them. Some spirits are actually funny to hang with and cause little to no mischief. I am very glad I have never experienced a haunting like the one portrayed here. To be possessed with evil is not something to mess with. I am trying hard not to give anything away but the way this all ended was delightfully unexpected. Please be sure to watch even the credits or more fun and surprises.

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