Wednesday 21 September 2011

Horror Hotel Cinema : The Devil Bat (1941)

What do Bela Legosi, cheap perfume and a huge screaming rubber bat all have in common?

They all feature prominently in tonight's show, THE DEVIL BAT. That's what!

Poor Bela really never got the love he deserved in Hollywood, and his infamous career crash was in full tilt boogie when he made this fun little nonsense-fest, and yet he still gives it his all. Overacting and hamming it up like the legend he truly was. Any film with Legosi playing a mad scientist is always worth a watch. The film itself is, of course, a ridiculously plotted mess, that deals with a vengeful, bitter-ass scientist, an electrically enlarged pissed off bat that screams like a little girl, and a fragrance that's more dangerous to your health than your fathers 'Old Spice'.

At just over an hour, its a quick watch and is a ton of fun for all the Bela fan's out there. Watching the crazy bastard systematically rub out his profiteering employers by means of a giant rubber franken-bat is priceless. And who can resist that maniacal stare Bela always wore when facing his victims. Its a miracle none of them ever caught onto the fact that he was batshit crazy in his many villainous roles.

Look out for Bela's signature line in this film. After sharing his perfume with his soon-to-be-devil-bat-dinner victims, he stares ravenously as the hapless souls bid him goodnight, and he croons with unmistakable finality, 'Goodbye....'

Legendary. Enjoy....

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