Friday, 17 June 2011

Must see! A HALLOWEEN Fan Film thats actually pretty damn good!

Here's a little treat for any Halloween fans out there. I'm talking the REAL Halloween, you understand. The one made back in the glory days of horror by the legend known as John Carpenter. There have been more fan films made in honor of his masterpiece than practically any other film or character out there, besides perhaps Friday the 13th's Hockey Headcase, Jason Voorhees. With all respect to the creators of fan films, they mostly don't float any sort of boat far from shore. Its great that they put their hearts into them and I love 'em for it. But this one...

HALLOWEEN :  RETURN OF THE SANDMAN is a really well put together little film. Its full length and it's very clear a lot of love and care has went into it. And to be honest, its a damn sight better than anything Rob Zombie has done with the franchise. The film kicks off right after Dr Loomis puts a stop to Micheal's nonsense at the end of the original, and goes off in its own direction from there. There are no white horses and Myers isn't a hillbilly. Oh, happy day!

These guys deserve all the credit in the world for their work here. As you'll see, its a got a cool Allhallows Eve 'feel' to it, and the guy playing Myers is just great. The work that's went into this bad boy is pretty damned impressive. The team have really went out there way to make it look like a continuation of the original, right down to using an EXACT REPLICA of the original 'Myers House', where we witnessed Judith meet the troublesome end of young Mike's blade way back in 1978! If your a film buff you'll also get the added treat of some very familiar masks in here. Think 'Season of the Witch, among others. I can't praise this enough. I know for a lot of people its hard to get past the digital camera feel of ultra low budget film making, but seriously, give this one a look. This crew have earned some love, says I! We all need so new Myers in our lives, so get on it. Whats the alternative, R.Zombie?!

Turns out these crazy kids have made a Friday Fan Film too, AND a Texas Chainsaw Massacre one. Good to see they're keeping busy and off the streets. You can visit their YouTube page here, where you'll find all their work.

John Carpenter and Debra Hill, (rest her soul), would be proud.

And for all you lazy sum bitches out there, here's HALLOWEEN RETURN OF THE SANDMAN, in its entirety. Enjoy...


  1. this might be of late, but had you heard of the film Halloween: The Awakening?

  2. I haven't. Or a tleast I don't think I have...I'll look it up. Thanks K