Wednesday, 4 April 2012

Upcoming Horror : The Lost Coast Tapes' One-Sheets Revealed...

Some time back I wrote a small article on a humble, upcoming indie horror film that caught my attention and imagination from the very first. That film was THE LOST COAST TAPES, (you can read the original article here), and even way back then, it had the potential to be a stone cold winner. I had high hopes that these guys could pull it off. A Sasquatch movie in the found-footage mold....count me the fuck in!

Well, time passed slowly and surely, and the airwaves went deathly quiet, as the cast and crew headed off into those beautiful woodland locations. I for one figured the poor bastards had all met their grisly demise out there in the untamed wilds. Perhaps a case of life imitating art, thought I.

I'm glad to say my overactive imagination was taking me for a ride. The team behind the movie, and the movie itself, are all very much alive and in very good shape.

I know they say don't judge a book by it's cover, but I've had a hard-on for this stellar concept for some time now, and when I saw these one-sheets, I just about had a horror flavored geek-gasm. These are some beautiful images, and downright eerie with it. Not only that, but they point to what could be a unique and tantalizing twist in the tale. In a world of unfathomably shit Photoshop nonsense, catching sight of these bad-boys is a damn fine treat. I love them. I actually have the 'impalement' one as my desktop, (also a good conversation piece when folks drop by and see it), and if these images are anything to go by, this film is gonna be a gem.

The dedication of the cast and crew has been evident from the start of this project, and as I said, I've been on-board all the way, but these images just pushed this from, 'this should be a cool film' to 'this is my most anticipated film of the year, bar none'.

The subject, the setting, the shooting style...they all lend themselves to what could possibly be the breakout film of the moment. I hope more people get to see these images. They sure do fire up the imagination.

Anyway, enough of my shit, here's the one-sheets. Get em up on Facebook, Twitter and/or wherever else you hang out and groom teenagers, and lend these guys a hand. After all, they've been going slowly crazy in the wild wild woods for over a year now, so we can enjoy the results....


  1. I like the second one-sheet! looks nasty!

  2. I'm so excited about this one.

  3. @Kajuni...the one with the poor sod impaled on the tree? That's a damn striking image isn't it.:)

    @Autumnforest....understandable. It looks really promising. I'll try and get some more info as things go ahead.