Thursday, 5 April 2012

Editorial : Adventures in Horror Fiction

Something of a personal message to all my fellow horror nuts out there.

Things have been very hectic here of late. My daughter, born in America has finally arrived on my rainswept shores and is now living happily with both her mum and her dear old dad, (who plans to brainwash her with Universal Horror, and Hammer Horror forthwith!). Much time and energy has been spent decorating my once space-age party pad into a civilized family home, yet the real reason for such a slow month last month is that I finally pulled my head out my arse and started taking my own fictional work seriously.

Things are settled now, and the coming months will see more posts than usual. I'm disciplining myself and making time for both my forthcoming horror anthology, and this here strange little Hotel just off the beaten track.

The process of creating my own art once again, (after a long, long hiatus in chemical oblivion), has been a real growing experience, both spiritually and intellectually. Overcoming my sense, (or lack) of self-worth has been quite the challenge, and it's thanks to the positive response for my work here, and the sheer joy of sharing with you guys, that I've found my way out of the forest and into clear fields.

Networking with all my fellow bloggers has been a real eye-opener to the sheer wealth of talent out there who do it for the love, and always with fire in their hands. You know who you are.

In short, your all fucking awesome, bloggers and readers alike. But then, your horror fans, so its a given...

The Horror Hotel will continue to grow, and hopefully the coming months will see some interesting guest reviews, articles and more. I'm looking to set up some tip-top interviews with horror directors, writers and artists, too, that should help bring a little more variety to this place.

Also, I may start a diary of sorts detailing the writing process as I come to terms with it. It'll help me fathom my own thoughts and hopefully be of some interest to you good folks, or not.

Anyway, the night is young and there's horror out there to be relished, so as the sun sets in the west, I bid you a fond farewell, until tomorrow, when I'll be looking at Jonathan Maberry's incredible Zombie epics, ROT AND RUIN, and DUST AND DECAY.

See you all on the dark-side.

Hotel Management.


  1. Congrats on your baby girl! How does it feel to be a Daddy? ^_^

    You're awesome & I know we all are looking forward to what's to come!

  2. Awww. Thanks, Zena. I love you, kiddo.

    Being a daddy is the single most amazing experience of my life. I still can't believe I have this wonderful, innocent, angelic child who is part of me. It's turned me into a real soft touch though. Gotta get back into my horror and harden up!! lol