Sunday, 26 February 2012

News : Independent Short - The Prospectors Curse (2012)

Hi friends.

I'm always up for some new horror shorts, especially since the internet has reduced my attention span to that of a goldfish.

With this is mind, I wanted to take the opportunity to draw your attention to a new little number that will be coming our way very soon. This one sounds like a lot of fun. To be honest, I've only really discovered shorts these past few years, and have came to love them for what they are. In fact, they often surpass their full-length peers in both quality and content. Just look at DEUS IRAE to see how damned good the format can be.

As you'll see below, this one sounds like quite the ride. A western themed ditty, with stolen gold, curses and a vengeful spook? Good creepy laughs all around! I'm in.

I'll be reviewing the film on release, so stay tuned. Lets hope its a good 'un.

And here be the press release.....

The Prospector’s Curse

A western-themed horror film entitled “The Prospector’s Curse” has wrapped production near the remote town of Ponty Pool, Ontario.  Set during the Klondike Gold Rush of the 1890’s, the darkly comedic short is Written and Directed by Josh Heisie (‘Mail Order Bride’), Produced by Bruno Marino (‘Anything Goes’) and is currently in Post Production in Toronto, Canada.
The talent lineup for “The Prospector’s Curse” includes David Roberts (‘Curious and Unusual Deaths’), Johnny Quinn (‘Mind’s Eye: The Series’), Amanda Ives (‘I Hate Toronto: A Love Story’) and Robert Nolan (‘Worm’).
Rounding out the creative team are Director of Photography Michael Jari Davidson (‘SICK’), and Special Effects Makeup Artist Carlos Henriques (‘Red: Werewolf Hunter’) of The Butcher Shop.

There’s blood in them there hills!


The vengeful corpse of an old prospector haunts two gold thieves as they struggle for salvation.


Theodore “Tubby” Ellsworth and Jack smith are two criminals on the run, lost in the untamed wilderness.  When they stumble across a mutilated Prospector, dying on Indian ground, they promise to give him a Christian burial.  The fugitives break their oath and steal the old man’s gold…but that night, the Prospector’s corpse returns to make them pay!

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