Tuesday, 14 February 2012

Horror Hotel Cinema : Valentines Midnight Show - Shutter (2004)

It's Valentines Day. And what better gift for Hotel Management to give you lovebirds, than some old-school, ghostly goings on, that'll have you holding each other close in the small hours of the night? For tonight's midnight show, we would like to introduce, or at least re-acquaint you, with the pant-soilingly scary, and altogether excellent SHUTTER.

Before you start sending the hate mail, and hand your ticket, (and lube) back, let me take a moment to assure you that you are NOT about to suffer through some poorly scripted, terribly acted, artless, gormless and utterly shallow piece of celluloid trash that couldn't scare a fucking cat on acid. No....this is the original SHUTTER. You know, the good one, the one with potent themes of Karma, guilt and retribution? Yeah, that one. Not the bastardised-beyond-all-Thunderdome remake that burned eyes and minds in the states a few years later, and forever tarnished the originals legacy.

Sure, time has passed and much of the J-Horror imagery has lost a little of its potency, but SHUTTER still has the power to chill. Theres some fundamentally frightening shit going down here, so whether you've been bum-banged by that Hollywood dick-storm of a remake, or not; your gonna most likely have a very good, very scary time. And whats more, the entire show is in one video, with hard-coded subtitles, and very crisp quality. Who's your Daddy?

For those who don't know the basic plot. It revolves around a Photographer and his ladyfriend, who are driving home after a few too many drinks, (never advisable, chums) and mow down a woman in the street. Do they stay and help out? Do they hell! Its hit and run time, kids. And these two clowns think they're getting away with it, till they realise that the photographs he's taken all seem to show disturbing, ghostly apparitions. Theres gonna be hell to pay.....

SHUTTER may not be the most original work, but its damned effective under the right circumstances. So boys.....grab your girls, turn out the lights, get real close to your little lady, and get yourself ready for ninety minutes of creepy-ass Horror, followed by some good, old-fashioned, terror sex.

Who says Karma's a bitch....?

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  1. I remember this. Tragic indeed. Though, i do find the ending shot adorable.