Sunday, 12 August 2012

Horror Hotel Cinema - The Hideous Sun Demon (1959)

Its beautiful here in Scotland at the moment, and as that's something that happens as often as a politician telling the truth, I figured I'd post the first of this months classic cult movies, THE HIDEOUS SUN DEMON.

I first came across this movie fifteen years ago, while reading a coffee-table book on Cult Horror. The article, and in fact, the book, were sub-par, but there was a picture of the films protagonist in there in full costume and make-up, standing under the rays of the burning sun in all his hideous, lizard-like glory. Looked cool, but what really sold it was the piss-stain on his pants. Now that's attention to detail right there!

Here's the picture, folks. Classic cinema...

There's little more need be said. Its got a sun demon, he's hideous, and he has some wicked pants, (though shorts would be far better in that burny old sun). Its time you watched it already.....


  1. Do you Have the Giant Monster movie, " War of The Gargauas.

  2. I don;t, my friend. But I'll be sure to have a look around for it. Sounds right up my street!